I'm Griffin Caprio, Director of Engineering at Enova and longtime entrepreneur. I've had a long career in technology, namely as a CTO for several companies. In 2013, I founded the Chicago CTO Forum, a private, local community of technology executives.

Over the years, I've tried to help others in Chicago realize their entrepreneurial dreams by starting the Bootstrappers Breakfast, the Chicago Lean Startup Circle and the Chicago Semantic Web Meetup. I've also been developing OSS for over a decade, most notably helping create Spring.NET.

I also speak frequently on various topics like Scaling Yourself as an Engineering Leader, Lean, The Semantic Web, A/B Testing, Customer Development and other geeky topics.

In less geeky talks, I've participated in Ignite Chicago about not asking for permission. I also love to help others.

Lastly, I write as much as a I can. Both in my blog as well as for others. Popular topics I've written about: My Dad, Unit Testing, Software Factories, SOA, Dependency Injection, DSLs and Productivity. I also do the occasional book, watch review and article contribution. I was also a guest blogger on O'Reilly, tackling Semantics, RDF and XML.

Absurdly, I have an IMDB page.