Why I like Virtual Machines.

The reason I like virtual machine is that they are disposable and they are logical machines.

Let’s expand on the two reason.

1. Virtual Machines are disposable.

This means I can create an install of a particular OS, mess with it, try things out, etc… And when I am done? I can just delete the entire machine. It’s a great feeling.

2. Virtual Machines are logical machines.

This means that on one physical machine, I can have many virtual machines running at any one time. I can, and have, created a virtual server room on my one desktop. Here is a rundown of machines I have “running” right now:

dasBlogger – Windows 2000 Advanced Server Web Server. Runs my blog.

BizTalk – Windows 2000 Advanced Server. Contains a full BizTalk 2004 instance. Messing around with MS’s new product without bogging my main machine down.

VisualStudio2005 – Windows XP SP2. Contains install of MS’s new Visual Studio.NET 2005 Beta. Again, I can run this without messing with my main VS.NET 2003 install.

Many more are coming. But the beauty of all this is that it’s on one little box, but they act like single boxes. They have their own network connections, hard drives, etc…

It’s really great. Now if only I can get that 3 GB of RAM I need to really let this sucker loose.