I wish Tivo had more of a "memory"

Clearing off Tivo programs I have seen before is becoming more of a burden.

For instance, I have several wishlists based on some of my favorite actors ( Most of which are in my Walken Effect list ). Now, for those who don’t have Tivo, a wishlist is basically a keyword search that will looks for things based on the criteria given. In this case, my Tivo will search through my cable listings for the keyword “Al Pacino” in anything. It’s nice…..

But when it sucks is when something comes up more than once. For example, a movie I didn’t know that had Pacino in it. I watch it and delete it. Then what happens? It will show up AGAIN if it’s on again, forcing me to go through the manual process of deleting it again. Not to mention the fact that it takes the place of something else on Tivo’s “To Do List”.

Now one way to control this is to set your recording settings to only catch first run programs. The problem with this is that sometimes I want duplicate content over and over again ( I will watch Alec Baldwin’s scene in Glengarry Glen Ross over and over again ). In those cases, it’s fine if something pops up more than once.

So I guess I want a way to flag something to never show up again, even if it’s on a wishlist of mine.

But, with Tivo’s ultimate demise coming, I doubt I will see something like this.