Isomorphism & MU

Steven Maine has a great post on Isomorphism. Read it here.

One of my favorite sections is where he points out why Web Services are not just CORBA with angle brackets:

“However, this is not to say that web services are just CORBA-with-angle-brackets. Previous distributed object systems focused on establish a common local programming model and treated the mechanism of inter-object communication as an implementation detail. The late arrival of a standardized inter-ORB wire protocol to the CORBA scene is, I think, evidence that wire-level interoperability was a secondary concern for them. The current web services efforts flip this idea on its head, essentially saying wire-level interoperability is the only thing that matters. In this respect, web services are drastically different from previous distributed object stacks.“

This is the real key when describing what makes Web Services different from previous distributed object systems like CORBA.

Read the rest of the article. You’ll be glad you did.