Well, it's official, I am a going to author a book.

I just signed the contracts this week. The book is scheduled to be completed by the end of June for a Sept-ish release.

Unfortunately, I can’t disclose the subject of the book or the publisher ( by request of the publisher ), but I can say that it’s a pretty well known publisher and the subject matter is of use to a great deal of people out there 😉

So, if you want to be a technical reviewer or help out in any other way, drop me a line offline, and we will see what we can do.

I am going to try to keep a journal of my book writing experience on this blog, but we will see how much I can say before the book is published 😉

It’s a big undertaking, since I have only written magazine articles before ( look for my next one to drop the 20th of Feb BTW ).

I have officially joined the exclusive "Multiple-Tivo Owner" club.

Today, I just finished my bidding on a 80 hour Series 2 tivo off of ebay.

Now, just look at this list to know what this means:

  • Tivo in the bedroom
  • Double the capacity. Yes you read that right. Since BOTH Tivos will be networked, that means they can share their content between each other.
  • Streaming music & photos directly into my bedroom. No more stereo.
  • No additional service fees. Yup, I am not buying the service for this second tivo. Instead, this Tivo will strictly be for recording things that are time based. Weekly, daily, monthly shows, etc….. I will rely on the main tivo to pick up wishlists and keyword based recordings.
  • No more conflicts. See the point above.

Happy day in the Caprio household.

Tivo2Go finally a reality for me…

This weekend, my Tivo was finally updated with the much anticipated 7.0 release of the Tivo software.

The biggest feature in this release is the addition of Tivo2Go functionality. Overall, the experience has been ok, with transfers taking about as long as the length content being transferred. So, about 25-30 minutes for a 30 minute show recorded at best quality. Since the content is recorded at best quality, a 30 minute show is about 1.3 GB.

Playing the content is just as easy, you simply have to type in your playback password.

Will have to play around with it more to get a good feel, but overall it’s a nice addition to the tivo service.

iTunes SmartPlaylists rock

While transporting music from work to home, I ran into the bind of how to transport large amounts ( 6+ GB ) of music back to my main archive at home. The solution? Smart Playlists.

While sucking down music using MyTunes, I lost track of just how much music I had snagged. The total? just over 6GB, with no signs of slowing down.

No problem, I will just dump it onto the old iPod, and away I go. However, since the iPod is a mini, it’s only got 4GB of space on there. So, what I did was sync as much as I could, then fill up the comment section of the synced music as “synced”

Then I simply created a new Smart Playlist to look for music without the “synced” word in the comment field and *presto*: a live playlist of what I haven’t synced yet.

It’s works well.

Is De Niro no longer brilliant?

A recent article from MSNBC seems to suggest it.

Read the article here

I have hinted at this for a little while now, but it’s almost like talking about some hushed subject. You aren’t even allowed to mention it in certain circles.

I have a friend who fiendishly collects all of his movies. But there are some movies he refuses to own. And I think to myself, if even the most die-hard fan won’t buy it, can it really be that good for a career?

I think time till tell, but we might have to start to referr to De Niro as two actors: Pre-1985 and Post-1985, with some notable thug parts mixed in.

Tivo's monthly guide service is becoming less attractive

This past weekend, I sat down an trimmed a lot of the fat off of my Tivo’s season pass manager.

I went from about 70-80 season passes to about 25.

Now, what was deleted?

About 25% of the season passes that were deleted were for shows that I had thought I would watch, but never did. I just kept deleting them from the tivo without watching them.

Another 20% were for shows that were in constant reruns, and I had seen all of them. Shows like Reno 911,The David C. show, and Law & Order SVU.

I expected the 45% above to be just regular upkeep on the old tivo. But what I didn’t expect was the other 55% of passes I deleted.

All of these 55% were wishlists of some sort. For those of you who don’t own a Tivo, wishlists are basically smart searchs that look for certain criteria in your entire channel listing, and record matching programs. So, for example, I had an Al Pacino wishlist, so my Tivo would go out and record anything with Al Pacino in it. It’s pretty cool.

But what I figured out was that I wasn’t getting enough value from these wishlists. For example, I don’t have any movie channels like HBO, Showtime, etc… So any movie taped is off of a regular station, and thus is edited. I don’t watch edited movies. So they are deleted. Well combine that with my earlier post about my tivo’s memory, and you can see why some of these wishlists are just a waste of time.

Also, and I hate to say it, sometimes you have just seen everything you could from someone. John Turturro from my Walken Effect post is an example of this. I have seen all the stuff I could see, so everything else is a rerun. So it’s just deleted.

So, to sum it all up:

1. I have no un-edited movie channels, so the movies that are snagged are deleted.

2. At some point I have seen everything someone has done, so it’s deleted.

3. All of this takes up space on my To-Do list. Space that could be used for something else. So, it’s a double waste.

4. Add the fact that TV frequently doesn’t follow a published time schedule, resulting in recordings that are incorrectly recording the preceding show.

The result? Tivo’s guide service is less attractive to me.

Although, since I paid the lifetime subscription, all of this really doesn’t matter. But if I can help someone thinking about buying a Tivo, then so be it.