Software Factories: Frameworks are the lost component

Harry Pierson over at DevHawk has a great insight to Software Factories:

“As long as we’re talking about it as if it is something different from what we’re already doing, we’re not there yet. But if we keep taking steps in the right direction, eventually we’ll get to the point where the process of building software doesn’t look the way it does today. Sorta the same way that building software today doesn’t look like it did pre-.NET, pre-VB, pre-Windows or pre-C++ (I could keep going, but I think you get the point).”

I think this is a key point in the whole Software Factory debate. The point of new visions like Software Factories is to get them ingrained into peoples mind that they don’t seem alien. You can look at the acceptance of patterns into developers everyday conversations as an example of how a vision ( creating reusable language for solutions ) can succeed.

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