Mark Cuban, again, hits the nail on the head

For years I have been telling people that I still buy cd’s. Through Napster, through GnuTella, through all the other P2P networks out there, I still buy about 5–10 cds a months. From what I understand, that’s a lot. Why, do you ask, do I still buy cd’s when I could get everything from the internet?

One answer. Time.

That’s it. Time. As is, my time is to valuable to waste looking for the perfect rip or all the songs to complete some new cd. Better to pay the $9.99 to apple or pick up the cd from Gramaphone Records. It’s as simple as that.

Now, that’s not to say that I don’t think the Music industry sucks, or the RIAA is evil. Also, I am not saying I don’t snag music from other people. In fact, one of my favourite things to do at a new client is to snag everyones iPods and download their music. Or just load my MyTunes and snag it that way. So, in fact, while I buy 5–10 cds a months, I get about 3x that from other people, which helps spread out the costs. I also like to listen to other types of music and discover new music that I would previously not have discovered.

Also, another reason I buy music is because the type of stuff i listen to is a little harder to find on music sites. I don’t really listen to Top 40 / Britney Spears crap, so in my case, i am also supporting some of the more fringe artists.

So, about 70–80% of the time, I will just pick up the cd.

Well, back to the topic of this post. Mark Cuban posts another entry on his blog, ( Which you ALL should be reading. He’s a very smart man, and talks about everything from HD to blogs to Music on his blog, and he does it from POV that you would normally not encounter. But I digress. ) in which he talks about the very simple topic presented above.

Read it here.

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