Ok, so I may be a curmudgeon, but now I don't need to the change!

I am a .NET developer right now, but I started life as a big box Unix sysadmin. As such, I really cut my teeth on the various flavors of Unix out there, and I got accustomed to using vi as my main editor ( i can feel the emacs people cringe ).

When I moved into development, I really started with Java, so I was able to use still use vi on a pretty regular basis. But then I began to move over to using IDEs. It only made sense since you get SO much more ( Intellisensing, debugging, etc… ). However, I YEARNED for vi’s simple command driven interface as I began to use Visual Studio as my development environment. I didn’t like having to use the mouse for so much, as I felt it slowed me down.

I have wanted something like this bad enough, that when asked, during one interview, what I would like to see in the current version of VS.NET, my answer included vi style keyboard control.

Well, my wait is over. The people over at NGedit have released viemu, which does exactly what I have been looking for. Basically, it emulates the vi input model in Visual Studio.

Yeah, it’s $69.96 ( currently $49.95 for a limited time ), but for those of you “in the know”, you know that it’s a small price to pay for the power and control of having vi style control over VS.NET

Downloading trial now.

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