Upgrading the old iPod

When I first got my iPod Mini, it was one of the original 4GB models. I was questioned as to why I would trade down from my 10GB model to the 4GB model. Keep in mind that I owned the original 30GB model when it first came out, too.

My answer was three fold. The first reason was size. The mini is tiny & light. My 10GB iPod was a beast compared to it.

My second reason was more of a response to the gasping with regards to the mini’s capacity. “It’s only 4GB!” the people yelled as they threw their hate stones. My answer was this:

When you get a mobile player for your music, the amount of music you can out on that player it finite, meaning that you can only put on so much. Your actual music store is infinite ( well not really. there are hard drive constraints, so for now assume your mobile capacity is less that your non-mobile capacity. ) So, as long as your non-mobile amount of music exceeded the size of your mobile players capacity, you are picking a subset of music to take along with you. For example, I have a music store at home that is currently 100GB, so any player less than 100GB will cause me to manually select the music i want to have on my mobile player.

My last reason is a simple one: based on my usage, I only listened to about 10 albums consistently. It is a moving list of 10, but the total number hovers at about 10. Also, I buy / get new stuff pretty often, so that’s another ~10 albums. Together, that’s about 20 albums at one time that I would need to listen to. I can easily fit that into 4GB.

So that leaves about 6GB of dead space that I won’t use on a regular basis, PLUS I have to carry around a heavy player and I still have to select a subset of my music at any given time.

So that leaves me happy with the Mini……

….until now…..

Now, I have to explicitly introduce a constraint from the above argument that I had glossed over: it assumes that you have regular access to your non-mobile music store.

With my new job I will be travelling a lot, so I won’t have access to my music store like I do now. This poses an interesting problem in that I need to carry a lot more music. However, the first & third reason still hold firm. I don’t want a heavy player, with a lot of dead music on it. No sure what I am going to. I have a couple of options:

  • New, bigger iPod – I don’t like this option.
  • New, bigger iPod Mini – Attractive, but same problems exist since the biggest ones now are only 6GB.
  • LARGE external hard drive – I can bring my store with me, but this has the same problem as number 2 above: eventually my amount of music will exceed my space.

What to do? Anyone have ideas?

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