I'm in love….

…and her name is ViEmu.

Recently, because of some Spring.Net work that I am doing ( which I will blog about later ) I finally get to write some .Net code. That means I get to play with ngedit’s latest version of ViEmu. Apprently the folks over there have been VERY busy because the current beta ( 1.4 ) is leaps and bounds ahead of their original version. Now included is:

  • Support for regular expressions
  • Support for regular expressions
  • Compatibilities with ReSharper
  • :Ex commands
  • Support for regular expressions

Seriously, the support for regular expressions is one of the biggest features in any add-on that I can think of. I can write this:

:%s/new Integer(\(\d\));/Int32.Parse(\”\1\”);/

to change every occurance of ‘new Integer(#);’ to ‘Int32.Parse(”#”)’;

Or did you know that VS.NET’s search and replace ignores ()’s? So if I was looking for ObjectReference() to change it to just ObjectReference, nothing would return because of the ()’s?

Solved with ViEmu:


Or how about the more complex situation of changing a method call ‘ObjectReference((Object) one); into a property setting? Simple:

:%s/ObjectReference((Object) \(.*\));/ObjectReference = \1;/

God I am in heaven…. AND ViEmu is on sale for only $49.95. It’s a bargin for twice that.