Won't you be my neighbour?

A lot of people have asked me what happened to the little links on the bottom of my posts telling you what I am listening to. Since I have stopped using blog jet to post my blog entires ( it’s $40, and that seems like a lot for a text editor. ), they aren’t there any more.

But alas, do not fret, for you can subscribe to an RSS feed that lets you know what I am listening to. It’s provided by a service called Last.fm. Basically, you download a plug-in for your favorite audio player ( iTunes ) and the plug-in uploads what you are listening to its server, and you can get stats on what you listen to, hence the RSS feed.

However, that is not the cool part. Last.fm will compare what you are listening to and find other Last.fm users who listen to the same stuff, so you can see what else they listen to ( they’re called Neighbours ) . Social music, as the kids would say.

So, check it out. You can also find a link to my RSS feed on the side of my blog, under Navigation Links.