Iraq isn't as far away as you think

My oldest friend is currently deployed overseas as an MP. Having been recently promoted Captain, he’s in charge of a fairly large amount of men for such a young guy ( he’s also in his mid 20’s ). They have internet access, so I get emails from him and we get to chat via IM & web cams. I have already lost a cousin to the war ( he was a sniper ), so the idea that my friend has been over there for 2+ years, and will continue to be over there for at least 1 more, is more than a bit depressing. He recently told me he was getting married to his long time girlfriend and asked me to stand up in the wedding, which I agreed to.

I recently sent him a care package, filled with mudane things like socks, candy, beef jerky, as well as cd’s & DVD’s to help pass the time. I was excited to see what he thought of the package, so I emailed him asking if he got it yet.

This is the emailed that I received in response:


Your package arrived today. Thanks for everything in the package. The jolly ranchers did not last long. I completely restocked my sock collection. Hope all is well

It has been hard these past 24 hours, I lost a friend the other day, another CPT, (XXXXX), a friend my girlfriend and I went out with his wife, was killed by a rocket hitting his truck. He was killed instantly. If you could please say a prayer for his wife, (XXXX). They just celebrated their one year anniversary while he was on leave. He just got back 3 days ago. Talk to you soon


1/501st MP Co “REGULATORS”

I can only count down until September, when he comes home for 17 days. After that, I pray that I will be standing up at his wedding in March 2007.

Sitting here typing this, I realized that I, and many others, would like a package delivered to us from Iraq….