Web 2.0: Google maps = fools gold

Wow, it really couldn’t be said better than this. Everyone running around telling me that Web 2.0 & mashups will succeed where SOA failed ( did it? ) should read this blog entry. As I have talked about before, the fact that I can take Google maps and lay it ontop of craiglist may be very cool stuff, but it doesn’t really solve a existing, complex problem. All it really does is demonstrate a cool use of some technologies.

ok, how many of those do YOU see every day (DHTML Lemmings anyone?)? Now, how many do you actually use day after day?

All of this innovative use of technology is just that: innovative use of technology.

Software will never start to add value unless it tackles some of the non-technology problems that have plagued enterprises through your father’s “innovative technology”: barriers in communication, fractured language across groups, managing expectations, etc….

Until then, we’ll keep spinning our wheels, creating problems to solve, and not really making life easier or better for the users of our software.