Zinedine Zidane's last header was really his last

That headbutt by Zinedine Zidane had to be one of the strangest plays I have ever seen, in any sport.

Not only did he take a player away from his team, not only was he the captain, not only were their other best players, Henry and that other Zhana guy, out, not only was it becoming more and more obvious that this was coming down to penalty kicks and he’s by far their best at pk’s, but this was his last game on the biggest stage.

WTF was he thinking? Seriously, what could that italian have said to provoke that response?

And then he gets the ‘Golden Ball’ award for best player. Can anyone name anyone else who went from an all time great career to international punch line as quickly? I mean, American athletes have messed up, and the Pacers / Pistons fight was horrible for the NBA, but this was a all time great player on the biggest stage in the biggest game. I can’t even come up with a proper comparison…..

All I know is that that moment will be my World Cup 2006 memory, and it kinda sucks because I was really getting into this world cup. I was kinda soured by the play and I started to root for Italy at that point.