Chicago Semantic Web Meetup

We had a great meetup last night. Paul Gearon of the Mulgara project gave a great talk introducing the Semantic Web. He wanted to give a second talk specifically about Mulgara, but we ended up talking and discussing so much that we ran out of time.

We had quite a diverse group of attendees, ranging from CEOs to graduate students to university professors to consultants.

Some of the topics touched on included:

  • RDF
  • Erlang
  • Semantic Databases
  • Google Andriod
  • Medical Ontologies
  • Getting started w/ RDF & Rails
  • Machine Learning

I was able to snap some pictures of the event. Find them here.

If you have an interest in semantics, I encourage you to sign up with the Meetup group so you can be notified of the next meetings.

Also, thanks to Paul Gearon for a great talk and for providing the pizza / beer!