Virtual Business Cards

I haven’t had a chance to create official business cards for 1530 yet, in part because I haven’t needed to and in part because we’re still waiting to finalize a logo design. However, in the mean time, I still need a way to give people my contact information when I meet them.

So, introducing my online business card I Met Griffin. That way when people meet me and need my info, I can easily tell them to google “I Met Griffin” and *BOOM* there’s all my info. Easy to remember I think.

I got the idea from seeing at the BIPO Blog.

However, I made several changes / improvements:

  1. Everything is text based, rather than Matts image-based version. I did this so the content can be indexed.
  2. I added the hCard microformat.
  3. Cleaned up the HTML a bit.
  4. Added elementary iPhone support so that if you browse to the page from your iphone, you’ll get page that looks like a tiny business card, without all of the other stuff.

All of the code is licensed under creative commons, as seen at the bottom of the page. You can download the files from the link at the bottom of the page too.