Mac OS X SVN Clients

I love using SVN. It’s free, fast, stable and it integrates with a wide variety of applications. DVCS systems may be on the rise, but right now, SVN is the ruling class for a lot of us out there. I don’t mind using the command line, but SVN has a wide array of options and it’s easy to mess up your typing and screw some things up. So, I’ve been playing with different SVN options on my main development platform: OS X.

So tell me this: why are there no affordable, native Subversion client for OS X? I could only find 4 standalone, native SVN clients:

Cornerstone – $69

Versions – $53

ZigVersion – $99

svnX – Free

( Note #1: XCode also supports svn for XCode projects, but it’s not a standalone client )

( Note #2: Textmate has svn support, but only for Textmate projects and Textmate costs $55 )

Now, with the exception of svnX, look at the prices for the above clients. $53 is the cheapest. $53+ for an SVN client?!?! That’s just unreal. Also, development of svnX looks a bit stagnated ( it hasn’t been updated in almost 1.5 years ) and doesn’t even support properties.

Whenever I do any .NET development on windows, I love using TortoiseSVN. It’s the one app on windows that truly feels integrated. It’s stable, fast and above all, free.

Why can’t there be anything comparable for the Mac?  

Anyone have any options I’m missing?