Announcing Awardable

Silently last week, 1530 released our first product, Awardable, into a private beta. What’s Awardable you ask? It’s an online award management platform. Great, so what’s that mean? It means you can use Awardable to run recognition programs internally at a much lower cost than typical, expensive, merchandise based recognition programs. The two simple steps of using Awardable are:

  1. Add recipients to your account. You can choose to have awards created automatically for each recipients hire date and birthday.
  2. Schedule awards for future delivery or to print out instantly. Future awards will automatically be sent out. You never have to log in again.

Your recipients can then take those awards to our redemption center and redeem them for any number of available gift cards from a wide range of vendors.

That’s it!

Since we’re just getting underway, we’re constantly adding new features. Soon, you’ll be able to run your own points based recognition programs for doing more incremental, task based rewards.

We’re currently in private beta, so if you’re interested, signup on the Awardable homepage here and we’ll be in touch to get you up and running on Awardable.