Delicious & Snow Leopard

After holding off upgrading our development machines for almost two weeks, I decided to upgrade to Snow Leopard. Whenever a new version of OS X comes out, I usually follow the same process:

  • Make a complete, bootable copy of my HD
  • perform a complete erase and install of the new OS
  • Pull over things I need off of the bootable copy

This works very well for eliminating the cruft that tends to accumulate over the months.

However, this work well for docs, media, and other stuff, but I don’t want to pull applications off as I need them. I could be away from a wifi signal or for some other reason. So over the past few years I’ve been tagging software in Delicious using the tag macinstall. This helps me know which software that I use on a regular basis and what needs to be installed when I reinstall my OS. It saves me a ton of time.