Small Team Lean

I’ve become more and more interested in lean software development over the past 5 years. Seeing it as the next logical step to typical agile development processes, I’ve started to refine my approach to software development. If you consider agile to be the ‘how’ of developing software, lean could almost be considered the ‘why’ of development.

Unfortunately, one can’t get far into reading about lean before you recognize a key property of its application: large teams. Most of the work in lean is centered on multiple multi-person teams trying to work in unison to build and release a product. Something that doesn’t really apply to startups, especially bootstrapped ones. Knowing how productive lean can make a team, I’m keen on applying it to 1530.

So, as I’ve spent the last 1.5 years building 1530, I’ve tried to apply lean principles not only to some client work that we’ve been doing, but also to the construction of our own products. As the months progress, I’ve started to come up with small optimizations or best practices for applying lean to a small companies and teams. I’m calling this “Small Team Lean”. I’ll be posting these small tidbits on this blog. I would welcome some feedback and/or criticism.