Commenting, Not Creating

Commentary. It’s our #1 export now. Everyone has an opinion about something. Unfortunately, none of it means anything. Something happens. Then people comment on what they think will happen, what could happen and what something could mean in the future. It’s all conjecture. In other words: it’s useless. All of this expert analysis doesn’t, you know, actually affect what will or will not happen. So stop listening to it. In fact, you’ll find that by taking a more critical eye towards the types of information streams you open yourself up to, you’ll more and more empty, vapid information. All fluff, no facts. In particular, look at your tv watching, you’ll realize that most things on tv are useless. They just don’t mean anything.

Take ESPN. Watch any show with people giving their analysis about the latest sports stories. After they’re done, ask yourself, has anything really changed? Will tonights commentary about tomorrows game really affect the outcome? Empty.

Not to belabor the point, but this lack of information of substance has accelerated my withdrawal from social networks. It was precipitated by one looming, overriding pattern:

Most of the information out there is just comments on the commenters.

Not many people out there are actually creating new and information content. It’s just vapid ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’. I find it incredibly boring and ultimately not worth my time.