Socialize debt and privatize profit

Fantastic interview with David Zirin, author of ‘Bad Sports’.

You socialize the debt of a stadium project, but the profit goes to private hands. In a lot of ways you can look at sports as being a kind of Trojan Horse for enacting a set of policies that nobody would agree with it if were about any other business or entity. On the other hand, you could see it as a harbinger to the bank bailouts that have just taken place and to the entire economic recovery plan that has been enacted over the last couple of years.

And lest you think it’s just about the money:

Donald Sterling, owner of the Clippers, just had to write a check for the largest racial housing discrimination suit in the history of the United States, and NBA commissioner David Stern doesn’t say a damn thing, even though his league is more than 80 percent African-American. And now he’s being sued by NBA Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor — inarguably the greatest player to come out of Washington, D.C. — for racial discrimination, and once again Stern saying nothing.

This is the same commissioner that mandates a dress code for players.