The NFL Labor Dispute Broken Down

Scathing article from the Ludwig von Mises Institute about impending lockout in the NFL.

The owners overspent on unnecessary stadiums, and now they want the players to work more for less pay to help pay down the debt. That’s your entire labor dispute in one sentence.

Of course, the author also touches on a topic I’ve mentioned time and time again: taxpayer funded stadium construction.

Since 1990, nearly every NFL franchise has either opened a new stadium, made substantial renovations to existing stadiums, or is currently in the process of obtaining a new stadium. Over this 20-year period the league’s franchises obtained over $7 billion in taxpayer subsidies raging from direct taxes to publicly backed bonds. Ten stadiums are 100% government-financed, while another 19 are at least 75% government-financed. Every single franchise receives some amount of government subsidies.

( H/T SmartFootball )