The Mac Mini is…….Incomplete?!?!?!

This may come as a suprise because I am such a MacHead, but there is one glaring omission from Apple’s Mac Mini…

…..a front side usb port.

I have been riding the fob wave for a few years now, and I am not turning back. Small, cheap usb drives have replaced the floppy as the common digital media. Just sit down in front of a computer, pop your usb drive in, and away you go.

I even have a usb fob that holds my entire .NET development environment, and all the utilities I use. I just sit down, open a command prompt, run a path script, bam, full deve environment on the computer I am sitting at.

These drives are so common, that almost all pc makers are putting not only usb, but firewire ports on the front of computers cases. So, it begs the question of why would Apple, who brought usb to the mainstream in the original iMac, NOT include a usb port on the front of the Mac Mini?

The new iPod shuffle even doubles as a usb fob drive?!?!

I don’t get it, but it sucks….