Finishing up an article for MSDN Magazine

I am putting the finishing touches on an article for MSDN Magazine this weekend. It’s due next week for publication in the August issue.

That’s a pretty large lead time for an article. Almost 4 months. I am used to 2 months, so I will probably get antsy 🙂

In case you’re wondering, the article is on Dependency Injection & Inversion of Control, and will appear in the Design Patterns section of the magazine.

Book Update

Sigificant changes to my book in the past two weeks…

It was originally planned to be a two part, 400-500 page book. Well, the second part has been removed ( possibly for a second book…. ) and the first part has been expanded a bit. Also, the overall scope of the book has been narrowed, and I hope to reduce the page count to the 300 page sweet spot.

Since the book has changed a bit, the schedule has been pushed back. Now, instead of my first 1/3rd due on march 30th, it’s due on April 30th. Nice to have that extra month. All this means that the final book is due the 5th of July, which is coming up fast.

I am learning a lot about publishing in the mean time, as well as building a product that people want. It’s all about the “value position”……

Will keep everyone updated as

Met my development editor for the first time today.

He and I, as well as the publisher, went over the TOC for my book.

As we were going through it, I gained a new respect for publishers, as well as authors. I learned that a book should tell a story, and that the chapters & sections in the book should follow along with that story.

If they don’t, then you will find yourself with a book full of great content, but nothing tying it together. And that’s a book that won’t sell.

Got my SOA article back from the editor

They did the usual english ravishing as well as content suggestions.

I gotta tell you, the one thing about publishing your work is learning to compromise on content. If the publisher / editor says something is in or out, you have to either make your case or give in. And even if you DO make your case, it still might not be enough.

Some hardcore .NET blogs added to my blogroll

I added two of my favorite blogs to my blog roll:

  • Junfeng Zhang’s .Net Framework Notes
  • Mike Stall’s .NET Debugging Blog

Both of these blogs are, i think, must reads for any .NET developer. Mr. Zhang’s blog details mostly reflection & CLR information. Mr. Stall’s blog is pure debugging, 24×7.