So, let me get this straight….

Saw Sahara last night and I just wanted to recap what the stars were able to accomplish over the course of a day…. ( WARNING: Spoilers below )

So, let see if I get this right. During the course of one day, McConaughey, Cruz, and Zahn were able to accomplish the following:

  • Find a 140 year old Ghost Ship
  • Fund a guerilla army
  • Kill a African warlord
  • End a African Civil War
  • Uncover a secret toxic waste dump
  • Assasinate a corrupt business man
  • Stop a Chernobyl type nuclear disaster
  • Disable an entire toxic waste dump
  • Find themselves completely funded by the US Government
  • Find out the reason for a mystery plague sweeping Africa
  • Uncover a ancient Civil War secret
  • Discover untold fortunes in Confederate gold.

I think that about covers it.

Geez…. I feel good if I drag myself to the gym in the morning.