Apple doesn't want my mom to charge her iPod

So for mothers day, I bought my mom a iPod Mini, pink of course ( she picked it out ).

She originally wanted to shuffle, but I was able to upsell her to the 4GB Mini.

Frantically, she calls me one night and asks how she charges it. Now, I already had a iPod Mini, one of the original 4GB models, so I knew that she needed to just plug in the iPod to the small, brick looking charger and plug that into the wall. And then she said the strangest thing:

“It’s not here.”

Apparently, the only way to charge these new iPods is to use the USB 2.0 cable and charge using a computer or buy the $29 external charger.

The problem is that my mom doesn’t have a computer and uses my sisters computer just to load her music onto. So now shes stuck with a great iPod but no way to charge it without spending more money.

Seems pretty crappy to me.