My unwavering gadget envy….

So, those that know me know that I recently bought a new phone for fear that TWO non-techie WOMEN in my life had better phones than me.

So, i went out and bought the daddy of techie cell phones: the Treo 650. Now I am the baddest techie on the block.

or so i thought……until I had a sobering experience this weekend, on father’s day.

So, I get to the place where I am meeting my dad for lunch, and he turns to say hi. And there it is, placed in his ear: a brand new BlueTooth handfree headset. Yeah…. it goes with his sleek, new smart phone from Cingular…..

Yes, you read that right, my 55 year old non-tech father has a bluetooth headset AND a smart phone.

A sad day for me….