CLRSpy provides dynamic code analysis, a la Fx Cop

Customer Debug Probes are a new feature to .NET 1.1. They allow you to debug applications, even in a production environment.

Adam Nathan has used CDP’s to create CLRSpy, a dynamic analysis tool, similar to what FxCop does for static analysis.

Check it out here.

[UPDATED] Check out Managed Debugging Assistants here. They expand on CDP’s

And so it has begun….

Even though it’s early, people are embracing the concept of MDD and already creating tools to aid themselves.

For example, take dmd2dd, a tool created by a company called Modelisoft. It allows you to keep Designer Definition files and Domain Model Definition files in sync automatically.

Can’t wait to play with it.

Check it out here.

Unit Testing Frameworks: not just execution frameworks

Everyone knows what the xUnit testing frameworks are, but while those are just shells to execute tests, it would be cooler if they included a catalog of tests to aid in your test writing.

Kevin B. Smith has the right idea with his framework for BizTalk Unit testing. Since there is a logical seperation between the tests and their execution, he has managed to create a NUnit extension that allows him to reuse tests execution steps. Thus, he is starting to build a catalog of these execution steps to aid other BizTalkers in their testing.

It’s a pretty cool idea. I wonder how it would translate into other areas of software.

Check out his blog posting here.