VIEmu commits the cardnial sin…..It breaks ReSharper

Ok, so I talked about the new add in for VS.NET, viemu, from the folks over at NGedit here.

Well, after about an hour of playing with it, I LOVED it… that is until I tried to use some of ReSharper’s functionality. Now, I LOVE ReSharper even more than viemu, so it’s clear who wins in the battle of who gets to be enabled.

I did send off an email to viemu’s developers asking if they were aware of the limitation. Well, i got a response, and not only are they aware of the limitations, but they are being addressed in the 1.1 release of viemu.

Below is the email I received from their developer:

Thanks to you for the praises! I know about the limitation – I’m preparing v1.1, which will hopefully be ready next week, and will address those limitations. It is due to the way ViEmu/Resharper/VisualAssist intercept VS’s editor windows.

I’ll let you know as soon as v1.1 is ready for download.



I am liking these guys already.

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