We have reached uncharted territory here….

Has anyone seen, anywhere in the history of sports, a son increase the career of his father? Usually, it’s the other way around. I am watching the NO – NY Monday night game, and I swear, if I hear one more Eli Manning / Archie Manning, reference, I am just going to throw up.

I mean this is so absurd, it’s stretched both ways, to where, somehow, the performance of a brother who can’t even win a big game anytime in his career, college or pro, has enhanced peoples memories of his hapless father, who NO ONE remembered before Peyton came into the league. His rep even boosted his younger brother, who wasn’t even highly touted coming out of HS and found little to no success in college.

Add to that the fact that there is absolutely no history of winning ANYWHERE in the family BTW, Peyton’s college team won a National Championship the year AFTER he left. How good of a QB could he have been if he could simply be replaced with the backup and they march to the championship?

I mean, see if you can pick out what the Giants were thinking when they drafted Eli Manning, Peytons’ younger brother:

“Hey, I hope he’s like his father, who threw 125 touchdowns and 173 interceptions”


Hey, I hope he’s like his brother. GOSH, I mean his brother Peyton has folded in every single meaningful game in his career, but man, check out his numbers against the University of Kentucky and Vanderbilt”

Seriously, has anyone received so much acclaim for so little accomplishment?