Where's Griffin?

Ok, so you may ( or may not ) be wondering where I have been, seeing as how it has been a mont since my last post.

Well, the good news is that I have made some significant changes in my life over the past month.

For starters, I made the leap and left the care free world of apartment renting, and made the leap into home/dwelling ownership. On Aug 26th, I purchased a condo in Chicago’s South Loop area. I love this place and will be posting photos soon.

Secondly, I started my new job at ThoughtWorks. Unfortunately, this job entails almost 100% travel, which doesn’t mesh well with my new purchase ( see above ). My first project has me in New York for the first time, working with BizTalk 2004, which is something I have wanted to work with for a little while, so I guess the new job is paying off initially.

Other than that, things have been pretty quite. I have LOTS of postings backlogged, so I should be flooding my blog in the coming days ( that plus it’s REAL boring over here in Queens NY )

One last note: This blog is now syndicated via the main ThoughtWorks blog feed. so if you want, you should subscribe to that one and see what my crazy co-workers are up to. WARNING: the blogs are abound with Ruby talk, so watch out!