This video makes me smile

Along the lines of this classic i give you a new video of two Chinese students doing a stunning rendition of “I want it that way”. Check it out here.

  • There are so many things I like about this video:
  • The strange, similar haircuts
  • Matching Rockets jerseys
  • The other guy in the room who pays no attention to what his friends are doing. Seriously, he’s not even phased.
  • The attention to detail by these guys. I mean, they lip-sync the production echos.

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Where did wire go?

So, I just got syncing setup between my Treo 650 and my new latop ( Dell Latitude 610 ). Not only did i get the USB cable syncing setup ( Boo ) but I also finally got them to sync over BLUETOOTH!

Now, ( putting on my Mac hat ) I have been able to do this before, but not on a PC. This certainly wasn’t as easy as using a Mac. ( taking mac hat off ).

The strange part to me about all of this is the fact that I needed setup a “Virtual Serial Port” on my laptop in order to sync. Now, I can understand needing to be backward compatiable. Not ever computer has Bluetooth and not every device supports Bluetooth. But when BOTH devices support it and come configured to use it, why introduce a aging, slow technology into the mix? My old Powerbook never needed a Virtual Serial Port. Here’s a perfect opportunity to start phasing crap like that out, and yet we still keep those things around. It’s like Floppy Drives, good old LPT1, etc…

If we can start to get rid of these things, why wouldn’t we?

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BizTalk hates Microsoft

One of the nice parts of BizTalk 2004 is that everything is XML. Everything. Ports, Assembly Bindings, etc… That means you can setup everything within the BizTalk instance using the GUI tools, and then export everything to XML.

This allows you to keep snapshot of your setup, so you can tear down and re-build your BizTalk server at will. Since the files are XML, you can manipulate them….

…So, at my current client we have sets of XML files for each environment that we are using. So, at any time, we can completely re-configure BizTalk for each different setup required. Encryption, QA, Dev, etc…

It’s nice, and we certainly love to outpace the other teams in responding to change.

One strange part of exporting the bindings is that if your bindings don’t rely on any particular 3rd party assembly, for example if they just used MS’s basic pipelines, then the assembly binding information WON’T be exported. So you end up with broken binding files.

Again, this ONLY happens when using MS’s standard assemblies.

So, the message is clear: BizTalk hates Microsoft.

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They did it

Congrats to the Sox for their amazing season. Unless you live in Chicago, you can’t even begin to imagine how huge this is for the fans in this city.

Even more so that it now puts more pressure on the northsiders ( Cubs ).

But that’s next season. For now, the White Sox are world champs, and I couldn’t be happier.

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I think the world explode…

So, the folks over at Cinematical have this little news item today:

The Weinsteins have hired Michael Cole, a former exec at MTV and Miramax, to be their new LA-based co-president of production. Cole used to acquire films for Harvey whilst at Miramax; he’s responsible for bringing in both Swingers and one of my favorite little 90s indie films, Next Stop Wonderland. Here’s the potential bad news: he’s reportedly planning on spearheading a remake of The Seven Samurai, featuring “an ensemble cast of international and domestic stars.”

Which begs the question: How can you remake a movie that was the basis of SO MANY hollywood movies???

Does that mean the movies that were based on “The Seven Samuari” will be remade, using the remake as their new base?

This should just about complete the circle and bring us into full Aramgeddon.

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GAH…he beat me to it!

Just when I was about to blog about my experiences of running Windows XP with no paging file, Jeff Atwood over at Coding Horror goes right ahead and does the same thing.

Wasn’t he around when I discussed this plan with my army of squirrels?

Is nothing sacred? I will tell you this though, if your following the advice from my previous post about Virtual PC’s, make sure to change your VPC settings to lower the RAM if you need to. Remember, you’re suddenly pulling ~1GB of “memory” out of your system, so some VPC’s might not start because of lack of RAM.

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We're gonna need a faster connection

So, for those of you who don’t know, a few months ago, Tivo introduced TivoToGo for all series 2 tivos. Basically it allowed you to download content (DRM’ed of course ) from your Tivo for playback on your computer(s). Also, you can burn the videos to a DVD for playback on a regular DVD player.

This is a great feature and I use it a lot. I create video backups of seasons of shows and burn them to DVD for friends. The one downside is that you have to watch the videos on your computer, and you lose the control tivo gives you. That’s HUGE.

Well, I was pleased to see their new software update added an interesting new feature. While scrolling through my ‘Now Playing’ list, I saw something out of the corner of my eye: an entry for ‘Newton’. Now, I name my computers after scientists ( Yeah, scientists…wanna fight about it? ) and Newton is my big server in my office. Curious, I selected the entry, and lo and behold, there are all my videos that I transferred off of my Tivo!

Now, it’s not perfect: I have to transfer my videos back to my tivo before I can watch the whole thing. It will allow you to watch transfers while they are happening, giving you the illuison of streaming, but it’s really not.

So, here’s what I can do with this: Unlimited ( in theory ) Tivo space! I can simply load up the Tivo Desktop software on my server, and transfer the videos I want to keep to my computer. Then I can transfer them back when I need to watch one.

For the longest time, I was worried about traveling. I was worried my tivo would fill up and start deleting things before I get a chance to watch them. Now, I don’t need to worry about that. I can RDC into my server, backup the stuff I want to make sure I want to keep. If it’s deleted off my tivo, I can simply copy it back.


And don’t get me started on TivoToGo and my new video iPod….I am getting chills already…

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I do not think you know what that word means.

There is a discussion going on in the internal TW’s mailing list about UML and MDA’s relevence to software developments future. I posed this question:

“With the emergence of MS Software Factories, Sun’s Project Ace, and even JetBrains Meta Programming System, companies are positioning themselves not just around using models to drive design, but also to drive development ( Model Driven Development ). Given that none of these initiatives use UML, has UML, and to a lesser extent MDA, has been set aside by the industry?”

In reponse to that, Chris Stevenson posed this interesting question / point:

“Isn’t UML or any MDA just another language to learn? If so, what makes it ‘Universal’? What makes UML the best choice for specifying every possible requirement? What makes UML better than say ruby, or even Plain Old English (POE) as a specification language?”

I think this is the root of the question, and the reason that most people are moving to domain language approaches rather than aiming for the false utopia of a ‘universal language’. The real world is messy. Its not all boxes and lines. Or even circles and stick figures 🙂

Chris makes a great point, which I acknowledge in my response to him:

That’s a great point. MDA is really two parts: Platform Independent Model (PIM ) & Platform Specific Model (PSM ). You create your software using a PIM and then “generate” it using one or more PSM’s. You point is an excellent one in that how can someone possibly think they know enough about every type of software development to create a “universal” language that will be used to build your PIMs. How can you encompass not only technical language contsructs ( i.e. something like reflection, which doesn’t exist in all languages ) but also individual domain constructs?

Seems like this is the old J2EE spec debate: “you create your programs according to the J2EE spec, and you will be able to move them from app server to app server”. In reality, it didn’t work out quite like that.

And app server independence was a much smaller goal that complete technology and language independence.

I think the most interesting part of all of this is the current buzzword / buzzphrase: Model Driven Development. Most people dismiss is as “pretty pictures” and “we can’t program in pictures”. But the funny thing is that I didn’t see the word Graphical anywhere up there. People are so used to the “model = graphical UML” that they automatically associate the two, when there really isn’t a concrete connection. Software models CAN be graphical, but they could also be textual.

It will be interesting to see where things like Sun’s Project Ace, MS Software Factories, and JetBrains MPS system go in their future….

What about me, guys?

So, hot on the heels of Apple’s groundbreaking deal with Disney to provide video content to the video iPod, everyone is makinga big deal about how you can now get things like ABC shows & Pixar shorts.

But I have not heard ANYONE mention that Disney also owns a little sports related network called ES-freaking-PN….

Not for nothing, but being able to get sports highlights, clips, games, etc… onto my iPod for watching later would be huge and, I assume, profitable. The only problem to overcome would be the timing. Can Steve and his army of iTunes Store geeks get content to the store fast enough?

Or screw straight sports content. How about ESPN’s shows? Anyone willing to bet people would snatch up SportsCenter for their daily commute? or how about ESPN’s other content, like PTI and Around the Horn. I would pay to get those shows on my iPod every day.

Hmm…Daily Show + PodCast technology = $$$

So, what say you Apple?

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