BizTalk hates Microsoft

One of the nice parts of BizTalk 2004 is that everything is XML. Everything. Ports, Assembly Bindings, etc… That means you can setup everything within the BizTalk instance using the GUI tools, and then export everything to XML.

This allows you to keep snapshot of your setup, so you can tear down and re-build your BizTalk server at will. Since the files are XML, you can manipulate them….

…So, at my current client we have sets of XML files for each environment that we are using. So, at any time, we can completely re-configure BizTalk for each different setup required. Encryption, QA, Dev, etc…

It’s nice, and we certainly love to outpace the other teams in responding to change.

One strange part of exporting the bindings is that if your bindings don’t rely on any particular 3rd party assembly, for example if they just used MS’s basic pipelines, then the assembly binding information WON’T be exported. So you end up with broken binding files.

Again, this ONLY happens when using MS’s standard assemblies.

So, the message is clear: BizTalk hates Microsoft.

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