I think the world explode…

So, the folks over at Cinematical have this little news item today:

The Weinsteins have hired Michael Cole, a former exec at MTV and Miramax, to be their new LA-based co-president of production. Cole used to acquire films for Harvey whilst at Miramax; he’s responsible for bringing in both Swingers and one of my favorite little 90s indie films, Next Stop Wonderland. Here’s the potential bad news: he’s reportedly planning on spearheading a remake of The Seven Samurai, featuring “an ensemble cast of international and domestic stars.”

Which begs the question: How can you remake a movie that was the basis of SO MANY hollywood movies???

Does that mean the movies that were based on “The Seven Samuari” will be remade, using the remake as their new base?

This should just about complete the circle and bring us into full Aramgeddon.

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