We're gonna need a faster connection

So, for those of you who don’t know, a few months ago, Tivo introduced TivoToGo for all series 2 tivos. Basically it allowed you to download content (DRM’ed of course ) from your Tivo for playback on your computer(s). Also, you can burn the videos to a DVD for playback on a regular DVD player.

This is a great feature and I use it a lot. I create video backups of seasons of shows and burn them to DVD for friends. The one downside is that you have to watch the videos on your computer, and you lose the control tivo gives you. That’s HUGE.

Well, I was pleased to see their new software update added an interesting new feature. While scrolling through my ‘Now Playing’ list, I saw something out of the corner of my eye: an entry for ‘Newton’. Now, I name my computers after scientists ( Yeah, scientists…wanna fight about it? ) and Newton is my big server in my office. Curious, I selected the entry, and lo and behold, there are all my videos that I transferred off of my Tivo!

Now, it’s not perfect: I have to transfer my videos back to my tivo before I can watch the whole thing. It will allow you to watch transfers while they are happening, giving you the illuison of streaming, but it’s really not.

So, here’s what I can do with this: Unlimited ( in theory ) Tivo space! I can simply load up the Tivo Desktop software on my server, and transfer the videos I want to keep to my computer. Then I can transfer them back when I need to watch one.

For the longest time, I was worried about traveling. I was worried my tivo would fill up and start deleting things before I get a chance to watch them. Now, I don’t need to worry about that. I can RDC into my server, backup the stuff I want to make sure I want to keep. If it’s deleted off my tivo, I can simply copy it back.


And don’t get me started on TivoToGo and my new video iPod….I am getting chills already…

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