What about me, guys?

So, hot on the heels of Apple’s groundbreaking deal with Disney to provide video content to the video iPod, everyone is makinga big deal about how you can now get things like ABC shows & Pixar shorts.

But I have not heard ANYONE mention that Disney also owns a little sports related network called ES-freaking-PN….

Not for nothing, but being able to get sports highlights, clips, games, etc… onto my iPod for watching later would be huge and, I assume, profitable. The only problem to overcome would be the timing. Can Steve and his army of iTunes Store geeks get content to the store fast enough?

Or screw straight sports content. How about ESPN’s shows? Anyone willing to bet people would snatch up SportsCenter for their daily commute? or how about ESPN’s other content, like PTI and Around the Horn. I would pay to get those shows on my iPod every day.

Hmm…Daily Show + PodCast technology = $$$

So, what say you Apple?

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