Where did wire go?

So, I just got syncing setup between my Treo 650 and my new latop ( Dell Latitude 610 ). Not only did i get the USB cable syncing setup ( Boo ) but I also finally got them to sync over BLUETOOTH!

Now, ( putting on my Mac hat ) I have been able to do this before, but not on a PC. This certainly wasn’t as easy as using a Mac. ( taking mac hat off ).

The strange part to me about all of this is the fact that I needed setup a “Virtual Serial Port” on my laptop in order to sync. Now, I can understand needing to be backward compatiable. Not ever computer has Bluetooth and not every device supports Bluetooth. But when BOTH devices support it and come configured to use it, why introduce a aging, slow technology into the mix? My old Powerbook never needed a Virtual Serial Port. Here’s a perfect opportunity to start phasing crap like that out, and yet we still keep those things around. It’s like Floppy Drives, good old LPT1, etc…

If we can start to get rid of these things, why wouldn’t we?

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