Specifics and languages

My colleague Darren Hobbs responded to my blog entry about Java. He wanted to know why I didn’t give specifics, and then goes on to list a few Java langauge specifics that he dislikes.

To clear things up, I wasn’t railing on Java the language. Those conversations are useless. All languages have quirks and things people love & hate. I could go on and on about .NET and its lack of an a truly interface based ADO.NET layer, or Java’s lack of any sort of eventing construct , but I won’t because those types of things are here to stay.

No, what I was previously referring to was the gigantic amount of complexity involved with J2EE. The several different files required to deploy a EJB, the sheer amount of useless ‘layers’, ‘delegates’, and ‘facades’, the enormous memory requirements, the fact that everyone’s answer to many problems it to ‘add jar X, Y, and Z to your class path, etc….

I like spirit of J2EE & Java, just not the actual working environment & platform implementation.