Ah, songs from my youth…

When I was but a wee cell phone cloning, BBS war dialing, phrack reading youth, I fell in love with electronic music. I didn’t know the different types, just that it had samples that were funny and music that was edgy.

Then I saw Hackers, ironically the same movie that first introduced a young Angelina Jolie to the world first introducted me to Prodigy. The movie was HORRIBLE. It tried to be cool & underground, but failed of course. But the soundtracck was STELLER.

The lineup was unreal, and included:

  • Kruder & Dorfmeister
  • Underworld
  • Leftfield
  • Carl Cox
  • Plastico
  • Stereo MC’s

Oh, and Prodigy. When I was watching the movie and the scene came up when they started screwing with the traffic lights, and Prodigy’s ‘Voodoo People’ came blaring out of the speakers in the theater, I was hooked. People who love electronic music know what I am talking about…..

I didn’t know it then, but Prodigy would become the soundtrack to my youth….I can go back through their releases and pinpoint where I was when I first heard their new stuff….’Music for a Jiltted Generation’ when I was in grade school…I can still remember the sound of the music clerk when selling me ‘The Fat of the Land’ and remarking on how he, *giggle*, liked the titled of the first song ( Smack My Bitch Up )….

Ah, before I get all misty eyed, let me get to the point of this post: Prodigy has a greatest hits cd and just reshot the video for Voodoo People. Cliptip has the scoop here. It’s a great video for a great song. Check it out.