SOA Registries

My colleague, Carl Ververs, was recently a guest author over at CRN. He reviewed a SOA registry product, Systinet Registry.

His review touches on a key point of a well designed SOA: the presence of one ( or many ) registries for your service contracts & descriptions. IMHO, the three most important components of a SOA are a registry, async messages for communication and a bus for them to be exchanged over.

Without a registry, people will not know what services are available, how to interact with them or when contracts change.

Without a async messages, for you’re not go to see the flexibility promised by SOA.

Without a bus, you’re back to point-to-point, or hub and spoke integration.

Companies are starting to come around to the idea of async messages for communication, but almost no company knows about registries, and even fewer think they need them.

Wake up people. You don’t have a SOA just because you use messages to communicate with your EJB’s.