What's next for Martin? Glow sticks & Goa?

So, Martin Fowler’s recent posting about Music he likes reveled a strange entry: Gotan Project.

Now, I love Gotan Project, but the music, which is downtempo & worldly chillout, isn’t the type of music I would have expected Martin to like.

Strange. I did a double take when I saw it.

Martin, if you like Gotan Project, you’ll really get into Thievery Corporation. I reccommend The Richest Man in Babylon or their newest, The Cosmic Game.

Also, if you are into more worldy music, you can’t go wrong getting into some Baile Funk, as seen on Diplo’s Favela Strikes Back. Recorded directly from Brazil’s Favelas.

If you have trouble locating it, just drop me a line.

Great stuff…