Yes, he wears that mask all the time…

So, I went to the MF Doom concert here in Chicago on sunday. He was performing at The Abby Pub.

For those of you who don’t know who MF Doom is, he is probably one of the most famous, underground MC’s out there. One of his calling cards is his strict adherence to always being in his alter ego, MF Doom. So much so that he even wears a mask in public, so that his music is never over shadowed by anything else. He is a frequent collaborator with some of the biggest names, including Madlib on Madvillainy, DJ Danger Mouse on The Mouse and The Mask, and even a guest spot on the new Gorillaz CD Demon Days on the song ‘November Has Come‘. Although his apperance on Demon Days isn’t a surprise since DJ Danger Mouse produced that too.

He also creates solo releases at an alarming rate, sometimes 2-3 a year.

Anyway, the concert was great….The crowd was getting angry with being entertained by the JV acts that preceeded Doom, but once MF Doom hit the stage the crowd went wild. One of the strange aspects of the show was the fact that the headliners used a beat machine and cd mixer as opposed to a real DJ. Strange.

One of the things I noticed whas that MF Doom’s stage presence was leaps and bounds above the other acts. One has to question wheather that charisma is the reason he is the headliner, or does he have that charisma because he is the headliner. Contrast that with the other acts who had to pander to the crowd and try to sell some cd’s, so that they can headline one day. It’s a vicious circle I guess.

I was also surprised as the mixed crowd at the concert. All different races, ages, genders, and social classes showed up to enjoy the music. It made for a fun experience because you didn’t have to worry about being out of place or sticking out.

Lots of fun…but why, oh why, did I go on a Sunday night with a AM flight the next day???