I'm not anti-newbie

Robby on Rails responded to my blog post about the new book from Chris Pine, Learn To Program

To retort:

“It’s like telling a kid not to build a bird house until he gets a contractors license and a permit.

…or telling someone to not pick up a guitar until they had proper lessons.

…or maybe you shouldn’t be running a business without graduating from college.”

Not at all. I don’t think it’s the same. Maybe I should clarify where i was coming from. I was talking about the the field of software development and how we’re viewed by other business units within software. I wasn’t talking about teaching youngsters to think, problem solve or anything. I highly encourage that.

The problem is that our industry doesn’t know how to draw the line between the person dabbling in programming and someone who does it for a serious living. The kid who builds the bird house above would never be hired to build an actual house. Not true in Software Development.

The .com era was the perfect example of this. Anyone and everyone was a programmer once they knew HTML. This dillutes how our industry is viewed by the outside world. It keeps us in the ‘geeks w/ keyboard’ box.