Legacy Architects

Jeff Schneider over at Service Oriented Enterprise has a great blurb about what he calls ‘legacy architects’:

I often find myself attending meetings with ‘legacy architects’. You know the kind – the guys that love to remind you that ‘nothing is new’ – hence, we shouldn’t expect any new results.

I have encountered these types again and again, and they are VERY tough to combat because they usually have a lofty positions and titles. What’s even worse is that the high ups LOVE these types of guys because they’re ‘straight shooters’ or ‘have been around the block’.

It amazes me that in ANY field, let alone computers, people think they can rely on experiences and concepts from 5,10, even 15 years ago to shape they day to day operations, when it’s clear that times change, concepts are updated, and progress is made.

Eh, i would love to hear from anyone who has tips for facing these kinds of people.