The bigger question is, how did I not notice?

So I flew back to Chicago from San Francisco this
thursday. I caught the 6:25 pm, which was delayed an hour, so our
12:30 am arrival was actually 1:00 am.

I got home around 2:00 am, just in time to get up at 6:00am to start a
day of non-stop appointments. So I get up and I am running on 4
hours of sleep, after being on a plane for 5 hours and working 7 hours

When I am showering, I have one of those fog free mirrors, so I can
shave in the shower and save time. Well, since I had places to
be, that’s exactly what I did!

Only I was rushing, and I cut myself. Not on the chin, not on the upper lip, and not even on my neck.

No, I cut my nose. MY NOSE. And not only did I cut my nose,
i cut the under side of my nose. All I could think, as blood is
gushing out of my face, was how the hell I managed to accomplish this?

I’ll leave the sheer physics of how I managed to shave the underside of my nose to all the readers out there.