The man never met a movie he didn't like

As a small update to this post
made about Ebert doling out 3+ stars like….like…..well, like
something I can’t write here, his latest round of reviews are up:

Caché (R)

Glory Road (PG)

Last Holiday (PG-13)

Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World (PG-13)

Mrs. Henderson Presents (R)

The New World (PG-13)

The Real Dirt on Farmer John (Not rated)

Transamerica (R)

Tristan & Isolde (PG-13)

That’s 9, NINE, movies with three stars or more. Combine that
with the number in the previous post, and you have a total of 16 movies
getting 3 or more stars in less than 4 weeks time. And this is
just a sampling of that week and this week. There are still 2
weeks in there in which i didn’t bother to look.

Apparently, Hollywood is having it’s second golden age ALL THIS WEEK.