Ok, she's finally done it

Anyone reading this owes it to themselves to watch Shakira’s new video for ‘Hips Don’t Lie’. This womans hips are almost seperate from her body. Pay special attention to the little move she does at the 2:20 mark and try to get it out of your mind.

Unreal. Just unreal.

Check it out here.

"Dad, what's that?" "Son, that's a ethernet cable" "Dad, what's ethernet?"

Yes, yesterday was truly a great day for me. I excised the last remaining giant ethernet cable from my home network. Previously, I had a giant, 50-ft ethernet cable running from my office ( where my hub is ) to my living room ( where my tivo is ).

This all changed yesterday when my Tivo 802.11g wireless adapter was finally delivered.

It looks like a little compass, and you connect it to the Tivo with the supplied USB cable, which is fine. Even with the large amount of concrete and a few walls between the tivo and my antenna, reception was good.

Plugging in the adapter brings Tivo to the new network adapter screen, where you can find your SSID and enter in your WEP key. Yes, it only supports WEP.

Here is where my only problem was. Despite me entering my WEP key both as Hex and Alpha, Tivo couldn’t connect to my network to obtain a IP address. I had to manually enter in an IP, DNS, Gateway, and Subnet Mask, but once I did that, everything worked great.

Just another step closer to eliminating cables from my life.

Pure Joy.

What problem are you trying to solve?

I recently had a talk with someone who was speaking about all these
cool ideas for companies, most of them Web 2.0. At some point, I had
to stop him and ask “What problem are you trying to solve?” He looked like I just didn’t get that “when you take X and marry it with Y, you get Z and that’s AWESOME.”

I told him that I understood wha the was saying, but that I just didn’t get what problem he was trying to solve with it.

Mashups, new ideas, and Web 2.0 are cool, but the core question any
business should be able to answer is “What problem are you trying to
solve?”. It doesn’t matter how cool your idea is, if it doesn’t solve
someone’s problem, you’re inventing a market and that’s tough to do. It’s even tougher to invent a market, and convince people that you’re the best company in that market at the same time.

Warren Buffet is my hero

Not only because he is a notorious bear in certain markets when everyone else turns into greedy freaks, but because he says stuff like this:

“The key to investing is not assessing how much an industry is going to
affect society, or how much it will grow, but rather determining the competitive
advantage of any given company and, above all, the durability of that
advantage.” – July 1999 at Herb Allen’s Sun Valley, Idaho Retreat

Words to live by.

Newest Article in DDJ

So, my latest article FINALLY hit newsstands a little earlier this month. In the May 2006 issue of Dr. Dobbs Journal, you’ll find my article titled:

“Domain Specific Languages & DSL Workbench: High-Level DSL’s for application development”

Upon reading the title now, it seems a little jumbled. Eh, oh well. I finished the article WAAYY back in December, but it wasn’t published until now.

As always, comments are well come, both good and bad.