"Dad, what's that?" "Son, that's a ethernet cable" "Dad, what's ethernet?"

Yes, yesterday was truly a great day for me. I excised the last remaining giant ethernet cable from my home network. Previously, I had a giant, 50-ft ethernet cable running from my office ( where my hub is ) to my living room ( where my tivo is ).

This all changed yesterday when my Tivo 802.11g wireless adapter was finally delivered.

It looks like a little compass, and you connect it to the Tivo with the supplied USB cable, which is fine. Even with the large amount of concrete and a few walls between the tivo and my antenna, reception was good.

Plugging in the adapter brings Tivo to the new network adapter screen, where you can find your SSID and enter in your WEP key. Yes, it only supports WEP.

Here is where my only problem was. Despite me entering my WEP key both as Hex and Alpha, Tivo couldn’t connect to my network to obtain a IP address. I had to manually enter in an IP, DNS, Gateway, and Subnet Mask, but once I did that, everything worked great.

Just another step closer to eliminating cables from my life.

Pure Joy.