The day my love for ReSharper died….

Today, indeed, is a sad day. After several weeks of struggling with ReSharper 2.0, today I finally uninstalled it.

It all started when my company moved to Visual Studio.Net 2005, which is great. The problem is that VS 2005 is a bit of a sluggish hog, but usable. Then, ReSharper 2.0 came out, and I of COURSE installed it. That would prove to be my undoing. ReSharper took an already sluggish app and reduced it to a CRAWL. Saying that it was unusable is being nice. I had always chalked it up to VS 2005, or our project structure ( we have both C# & VB.NET project in one solution ), but today I tried to see what would happen if I uninstalled it.

My worst fear was confirmed when VS 2005 was visibility faster. I can now work, sans ReSharper.

I’m sorry, but I need a usable IDE more than I need the nice features of ReSharper. Hopefully, a service update or something will come out with some speed improvements.

Untill that day, I shall work ‘unsharpend’….